October 4, 2023
Top 5 Veterinarians in Louisville KY

When choosing a vet, it is important to look for one with professional credentials and experience. The best Veterinarians in Louisville KY will have the latest medical equipment and technology. They will also be able to provide emergency care for your pet.

Located at Herr Ln, Louisville, Doerr Animal Clinic offers wellness exam, surgery, dentistry, dental cleaning, diagnostics, boarding, and grooming services. Their staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality care for pets.

Doerr Animal Clinic

The veterinary clinic at Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville is home to five veterinarians who are highly skilled in treating pet owners and their furry, feathered, or selected scaly companions. They have the latest IDEXX laboratory equipment, which means that they can deliver test results quickly and accurately. They also provide services like acupuncture, which is a minimally-invasive treatment that can reduce pain and anxiety in animals.

This AAHA-accredited hospital offers wellness care, surgical care, dental procedures, boarding services, diagnostics, and more. Its doctors are Fear Free certified, which makes pets feel more comfortable during visits. They also offer telemedicine appointments and a convenient online pet portal to help owners manage their pets’ healthcare. Moreover, they accept pet insurance to cover unexpected accidents and illnesses.

Elk Creek Animal Hospital

Elk Creek Animal Hospital is a full service companion animal clinic providing routine veterinary care for dogs, cats, pocket pets and exotics. They offer a comprehensive range of services including wellness exams, dental care, surgery, diagnostics, chemotherapy, and pain management. They also offer onsite pet boarding and daycare.

Led by Dr. Derf Bridges, this small animal clinic has been in business since 1994 and offers a wide variety of services for pets. These include annual exams and wellness care, surgery, dentistry, emergency care, and diagnostics. They also have a convenient online pet pharmacy and patient portal that makes it easy for pet parents to reorder supplies and stay up to date on their pets’ medical records.

Those looking for an affordable vet in Louisville may want to consider working with a treatment financing provider like CareCredit, which can help pet owners afford large upfront expenses. Other options include Pawlicy Advisor’s grant finder tool or searching for charities that can help pay for pet healthcare costs.

Barbour Lane Animal Hospital

If you want to keep your pet healthy, you should bring it to a veterinarian clinic that provides quality care. These professionals can help you with a variety of problems, including tartar buildup and flea infestations. They can also treat injuries and diseases and provide recommendations for training methods.

They can perform x-rays to examine the internal organs of your pet. They can also offer spay/neuter services, which can prevent unwanted litters. In addition, they can provide dental work and surgical procedures. They are also trained to handle end-of-life care, which includes euthanasia. This clinic can also help you save on vet costs with pet insurance. Pawlicy Advisor makes it easy to compare plans and prices from top providers side-by-side. This can help you afford routine care and get reimbursed for unexpected accidents & illnesses.

Springhurst Animal Hospital

Geared up with the Latest Technology: The team at Springhurst Animal Hospital consists of highly skilled veterinarians and vet nurses who are able to deal with anything from routine preventative pet care to intricate medical or surgical cases. They are also able to provide you with advice regarding the best food and medicines for your pets.

The practice is a progressive small animal clinic that offers a wide range of services including wellness care, surgery, dentistry, emergency care, and diagnostics. It also offers telemedicine services and convenient payment options like pet insurance to help you afford the cost of routine pet care.

Naomy has been at Springhurst since 2016 and loves her job because she gets to give animals the love they deserve. She lives with her two dogs, cat, and tortoise.

Fenwick Animal Clinic

The team at Fenwick Animal Clinic offers a variety of routine pet care services including annual exams and wellness visits, dental care, surgery, diagnostics, pain management, and more. They also offer boarding and grooming services. They believe in taking the time to educate their clients and encourage them to play a role in their pet’s health and wellbeing.

Reid points to RVT Katie Quinn, overseeing E.L. Crossley co-op students Hailey Brinkman and Victoria Adams as they perform a physical exam on Tom, a feral cat that has been living outside for ten years. They take his heart and respiratory rates, assess for lumps and teeth, and swab his nose and mouth.

Like any good vet, they treat their patients as if they were their own and provide quality progressive care. They also offer convenient features such as their online pet portal and pharmacy.

Crosscreek Housecall

Located in Floyds Knobs, Crosscreek Housecall is an independent small animal practice that provides at home vet services to cats and dogs. They offer a wide range of routine and specialty care including annual wellness exams, dental cleanings, diagnostic testing, pain management, and end of life care. Their online shop and pharmacy make it easy for pet parents to get the supplies they need. The team at this vet also offers emergency services and pet boarding. To help pet owners save on veterinary costs, this clinic accepts pet insurance, which reimburses up to 90% of unexpected accidents and illnesses. Many US vets also work with pet financing solutions like Scratchpay and CareCredit to allow pets and their owners to afford treatment. You can use Pawlicy Advisor’s free comparison tool to find the best pet insurance for your family.

Deck Veterinary Clinic

This small animal clinic has been in business since 1992 and is a local favorite when it comes to caring for cats, dogs, pocket pets, and birds. They offer routine care services including annual exams, wellness care, dental care, surgery, and diagnostics. They also provide emergency care and pet boarding. Their convenient online pet pharmacy and portal allow busy pet parents to easily reorder supplies. They accept a variety of payment options including CareCredit and pet insurance to help make pet care more affordable.

When you’re searching for the best vets in Louisville KY, look for one that offers pet insurance. Pet insurance can reimburse up to 90% of unexpected vet costs for accidents and illnesses. Compare quotes with Pawlicy Advisor’s free marketplace to find the plan that’s right for your pet.