October 4, 2023

Flum Pebble Passion Kiwi is the newest addition from one of the most popular disposable vape brands in the industry. This 6000 puff rechargeable disposable vape device is pre-filled with 14ml of 5% nicotine e-juice paired with a mesh coil for an extra smooth flavor and vapor delivery.

This is the ultimate all-day vape for anyone who loves luscious flavors that soothe the palate. Try Flum Pebble today!


The FLUM Pebble is an all-new rechargeable disposable from one of the most popular makers in the business. This revolutionary device comes with a massive 14mL pre-filled e-liquid capacity and is available in 7 of the brand’s most popular flavors. Its powerful 600mAh internal battery is easily rechargeable via USB-C, and the device’s mesh coil ensures that it produces a consistently smooth and flavorful vaping experience.

The first flavor to be released with the FLUM Pebble is Luscious Watermelon. This mouthwatering concoction delivers an outstanding taste that will satisfy you from start to finish.

Passion Kiwi is a succulent tropical blend of sweet-tasting passion fruit and fresh New Zealand kiwi. This refreshing combination is sure to evoke memories of hot summer days by the poolside.

Passion Kiwi

Unlock a unique flavor sensation of passion fruit paired with fresh new Zealand kiwis. This exotic combination delivers luscious clouds of paradise and is one of the most universally relished flavors of all time.

The Flum Pebble is the latest 6000 puffs rechargeable disposable from FLUM. It features a pre-filled 14ml nic salt ejuice capacity with 5% nicotine strength and a built in rechargable battery that lasts approximately 6000 puffs. This vaporizer has a soft silicone grip and comes with a mesh coil that maximizes the flavor and vapor production.

Enjoy the same perfectly balanced draw and super smooth vapor that you love from FLUM’s other flagship devices like the Float and Gio in this bigger, better device with the FLUM Pebble. Available in all 7 FLUM release series flavors, get yours today! 21 and over only. Please use responsibly.


Unlock a new dimension of flavor with this tropical beverage punch of strawberry and coconut. It pampers your taste buds with a peculiar sweetness, making it a refreshing all-day vape that you won’t want to put down.

Enjoy a premium 6000 puff disposable vape that’s enhanced with 5% nicotine strength. It’s pre-filled with 14ml of high-quality e-juice and powered by a rechargeable battery that delivers a satisfying amount of hits without any refilling and pod swapping.

FLUM introduces the Pebble, a 6000-puff rechargeable disposable from one of the most popular brands in the industry. It features a generous 14ml of nic salt e-juice and comes with a mesh coil to optimize flavor and vapor production. It retains the same smooth draw that FLUM is known for and has a long-lasting battery life with USB-C charging technology. This slick and stylish device is perfect for any occasion!


A captivating mix of mouthwatering strawberries and fresh mangoes that pamper your taste buds with its peculiar sweetness. Featuring one of the most remarkable flavor profiles to ever hit the industry, it is sure to become your favorite all-day vape.

Unlock a unique flavor sensation of sweet-tasting passion fruit complemented by subtle notes of New Zealand kiwi for an exoticly distinct experience. Featuring 14ml of pre-filled e-liquid at 5% nicotine and powered by a rechargeable battery, the Flum Pebble 6000 delivers a premium 6000 puff disposable vape device with a simple and convenient design.

Designed to be the most portable and user-friendly device in the Flum collection, the Flum Pebble disposable vaporizer comes ready to vape out of the box. It comes pre-filled with 14ml of Flum e-liquid and features a built-in rechargeable battery for easy use without any hassle. With no refilling or pod swapping needed, it is an in-demand vaporizer for those who want to enjoy a smooth and satisfying vaping experience on the go.